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  • Well, here it comes! We've started work on a new record plus some! Over the past few months, we been spending some time writing a slew of new tunes and last weekend we went into Modular Overload to lay those tunes down for a new full length. In the span of 3 days, we were able to get drums, guitar and bass all tracked for 13 (13!!!!) songs. I've included a list of those songs for anyone paying attention. Have to say, this is maybe the best batch of songs we've written and we are super stoked on how they are coming out. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL.... we have 5 more songs that we are demoing these next two weeks and we are planning on laying those down at the end of the month. That's right, 18 brand new tunes from yours truly. The plan if to put out a full length and have a few left over for 7"'s as well as comps. Get ready for a bunch of new music in your earholes this year! XOX, SPELLS - CONFIDENCE, BABY. CONFIDENCE. - DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING - I'LL NEVER SEE - I'M SORRY I'M NOT SORRY - NOSE DIVE - NOTHING BUT TIME - SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED - SONG #7 - *UNDER YOUR INFLUENCE - WE CAN'T RELATE - *WE'RE DESPERATE - WE'VE ARRIVED - WEST OF SYRACUSE
  • Whelp, we've been plugging away over here in SPELLS Land. In addition to a bunch of rad shows and announcments coming up, we've been hard at work on a new record. Right now we are still in the demo process but studio time has been booked and these songs are coming together really fast. Right now we at around 9 new tunes some of which we've started to play out. Just thought we would drop in and give you all an update on what we've been up too. XOX, SPELLS
  • HEY KIDS!!! WE HAVE SERVICE FEE FREE TICKETS FOR OUR NOV 10th SHOW FOR SALE!!!!! Just PayPal us $10 per ticket to Please include your mailing address so we know where to send the tix too. If you wanna include an extra .50 for the stamp, that would be cool. If not, we got you;) XOX, SPELLS