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Mar 5

Well, here it comes! We've started work on a new record plus some! Over the past few months, we been spending some time writing a slew of new tunes and last weekend we went into Modular Overload to la
Aug 2, 2018

Sorry we've been so late in catching everyone up. We all made it home safe and sound after an amazing few days out with our pals Off With Their Heads. Those guys are truly THE BEST. Fun times were had
Jun 15, 2018

We are super stoked to announce the release of our newest music video "80% Is Good Enough" from 'Geek Mythology Productions' from our upcoming release of 'Loose Change, Vol.1'. We would like to than
Apr 12, 2018

What can we say!? We're "wholesome".
Apr 5, 2018

Okay, create your perfect SPELLS setlist! 10 songs only. Put them in the order you would like to hear them. GO!
Apr 2, 2018

Hey Kids! We are proud to announce yet another new tune from the same batch of idiots that brought you our last tune..... US! This one is part of a comp from Denver's newest indie record label, Motor
Mar 26, 2018

SPELLS is proud to support Project Worthmore ( We are excited to bring you our new song '(You Can't) Drag Me Down', a charity download for Project Worthmore. Please head
Mar 23, 2018

FROM INDIEPULSE MUSIC Independent labels are saving the music culture, by giving bands the opportunity to produce and distribute music in a classic and lovable medium, Vinyl, and promoting a global mu
Mar 23, 2018

We are more than pleased to announce that Snappy Little Numbers is now exclusively distributed by Recess Ops!  We'd like to thank Todd and Isaac at Recess Records for this great opportunity.  It's a r
Mar 23, 2018

The folks over at I Buy Way Too Many Records had some things to say about the new record. Check it out! Snappy Little Numbers (2016)I've said this a few times in the past, but Snappy Little Numbers
Sep 17, 2018

Fridays show was awesome. Folks were dancin'. Bands were rockin'. What more can you ask for. Here's a little video of the song "Outta Control" by Phil Strritt.
Jul 19, 2018

With the release of “Loose Change, Vol. 1”, we are going to be cleaning up our bandcamp site.  Any of the digital-only releases that appear on LCV1 will be taken down and left in “private” mode.  Bu
Jun 5, 2018

Big news on the SPELLS front! SLN and Chicago label Anxious and Angry are teaming up on TWO SPELLS-related projects. The first pressing of SPELLS' debut LP, "Staying In > Going Out" is down to the l
Apr 9, 2018

FRIDAY WAS AMAZING!!!! Kick ass performances from Shannon and the Clams and Slow Caves! Super killer bands that we were stoked to open for. Thanks to everyone who bought tix early, came out early and
Apr 3, 2018

Hey Kids, We can't spill the beans until June 11th but tune in to our little beach party for a pretty cool announcement. We'll be announcing here FIRST:) XOX, SPELLS
Mar 27, 2018

Last month we were fortunate enough to be asked by our pals in Off With Their Heads to come on up to their neck of the woods to play a few shows with them. Our friend Tyler Ross came along and took a
Mar 23, 2018

Here is what the folks at are saying about the new 7". I was pretty excited about a new Spells 7" coming in the mail.  They've been a really consistent band the l
Mar 23, 2018

The folks at The Pulp had some nice things to say about our new 7", Big Boring Meeting. Now at an astounding mix of 14 singles, splits EPs and full length records over a paltry 5 years, Denver’s Va
Mar 23, 2018

The folks over at Razorcake had some rad things to say about the record.  Everything that made me dig Spells on their split with Hooper is here. It’s a witch’s brew of catchy hooks, great vocal har
Mar 23, 2018

The nice folks over at For The Love Of Punk had some nice things to say about our record SI>GO. Go HERE to read it yourself or... If SPELLS are to be believed—and really, they haven’t bullshitted us