Jun 5, 2018





Big news on the SPELLS front! SLN and Chicago label Anxious and Angry are teaming up on TWO SPELLS-related projects. The first pressing of SPELLS' debut LP, "Staying In > Going Out" is down to the last few copies. If you want one on "staying in" blue vinyl, act fast. SLN and A&A are joint releasing a second pressing of "SI>GO"! This pressing will be on "going out" yellow vinyl. There will also be 3 different editions: a standard edition with the original jacket design and two different special editions with screened jackets by Chicago's 4th Shift Printing. All editions of course come with a download code. Now for the even bigger news! A new SPELLS collection LP will also be released by SLN and Anxious & Angry. It's called "Loose Change, Vol. 1". “LCV1” contains early SPELLS material that has gone out of print or was only released digitally. The collection marks the first time most of the selected songs have been on vinyl and each track has been expertly remastered for optimum raditude. "LCV1" will come on opaque red vinyl and there will be 5 different editions: a standard edition with full color jackets and four different special editions with screened jackets once again provided by 4th Shift Printing. Download codes will accompany all editions as well. Each album will officially drop on July 13, 2018 and you can preview a track off of "LCV1" on our sampler. Preorders for "SI>GO" and "LCV1" are now up in the SLN store HERE as well as through Anxious & Angry. There are also some killer "LCV1"/SPELLS Merchandise combos available as well. Finally (for now), SPELLS will be playing three release shows 7/12-7/14 in Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs and Denver, CO respectively.

New Posts
  • Well, here it comes! We've started work on a new record plus some! Over the past few months, we been spending some time writing a slew of new tunes and last weekend we went into Modular Overload to lay those tunes down for a new full length. In the span of 3 days, we were able to get drums, guitar and bass all tracked for 13 (13!!!!) songs. I've included a list of those songs for anyone paying attention. Have to say, this is maybe the best batch of songs we've written and we are super stoked on how they are coming out. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL.... we have 5 more songs that we are demoing these next two weeks and we are planning on laying those down at the end of the month. That's right, 18 brand new tunes from yours truly. The plan if to put out a full length and have a few left over for 7"'s as well as comps. Get ready for a bunch of new music in your earholes this year! XOX, SPELLS - CONFIDENCE, BABY. CONFIDENCE. - DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING - I'LL NEVER SEE - I'M SORRY I'M NOT SORRY - NOSE DIVE - NOTHING BUT TIME - SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED - SONG #7 - *UNDER YOUR INFLUENCE - WE CAN'T RELATE - *WE'RE DESPERATE - WE'VE ARRIVED - WEST OF SYRACUSE
  • Fridays show was awesome. Folks were dancin'. Bands were rockin'. What more can you ask for. Here's a little video of the song "Outta Control" by Phil Strritt.
  • Sorry we've been so late in catching everyone up. We all made it home safe and sound after an amazing few days out with our pals Off With Their Heads. Those guys are truly THE BEST. Fun times were had and we can't thank everyone who came out to support us enough. New York, Philly, Pittsburgh, Cleveland (crazy fuckers) and Chicago were all amazing! Really, tour couldn't have gone better. Hey, wanna secret lil heads up? We are announcing two shows in October. Can't say much at the moment but stay tuned here as these shows will blow your mind. Something you might even wanna consider flying in for;) Oct 12 and 13th are going to pretty amazing days this year. XOX, SPELLS