What's up?

Mar 23, 2018

Hey Gang! First off we wanted to thank all of you who've decided to come on over to our little spot on the web. We would really like to start to make the move from Facebook to something a little more
Jul 18, 2018

Last week was amazing! We really can't thank all of you who came out to Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Denver for all the good times. We had such an amazing time hanging out with Cheap Perfume and
May 31, 2018

Hey kids, Just to update you all on a few things in camp SPELLS. We've been working on a lot of upcoming shows, records, songs and yes, TOURS (sorta)! Keep your eye's and ears out for some rad announc
Apr 4, 2018

Here are the photos I shot and the write-up I did on the SPELLS invasion into Lombard/Chicago earlier this year. The weekend was my first time seeing the group and meeting the lot of them. I dug it. A
Feb 4

Whelp, we've been plugging away over here in SPELLS Land. In addition to a bunch of rad shows and announcments coming up, we've been hard at work on a new record. Right now we are still in the demo pr
Jul 2, 2018

July is here which means we'll be ramping things up once again. We'll be hitting the front range with our pals in Cheap Perfume from July 12 - 14 ending at the Hi Dive for our record release show. We
Apr 27, 2018

Hey Kids, Just wanted to say hello and let you all know what we've been up too. These next months are going to be very busy and really exciting for all of us over here in SPELLS. Right now we are all
Mar 23, 2018

You heard it here first!!! Tune in next Monday for NEW MUSIC MONDAY!!!!! We are very excited to release our newest track, '(You Can't) Drag Me Down' as a charity download only track. Our amazing m