May 31, 2018



Hey kids,


Just to update you all on a few things in camp SPELLS. We've been working on a lot of upcoming shows, records, songs and yes, TOURS (sorta)! Keep your eye's and ears out for some rad announcements coming next week. We are stoked to see all your faces in the very near future.



New Posts
  • Whelp, we've been plugging away over here in SPELLS Land. In addition to a bunch of rad shows and announcments coming up, we've been hard at work on a new record. Right now we are still in the demo process but studio time has been booked and these songs are coming together really fast. Right now we at around 9 new tunes some of which we've started to play out. Just thought we would drop in and give you all an update on what we've been up too. XOX, SPELLS
  • Last week was amazing! We really can't thank all of you who came out to Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Denver for all the good times. We had such an amazing time hanging out with Cheap Perfume and getting to play with so many amazing bands. The Loose Change, Vol. 1 Release was insane and we had a great time watching you all move your ass! The album is up over in our music section for streaming. You can click over there and then head to SLN site if you would like to get your grubby little hands on some some sweet vinyl. We are also super stoked to be putting this one out with our buds over at Anxious & Angry . They are some rad peeps and we love them hard. Go buy everything they are selling too:) We are taking August off to write more songs. Right now we have 9 - 10 BRAND NEW ROCKERS that we are incubating in hopes to hatch them in the fall. We'll be back in September with Dirty Few! Until then, love each other! XOX SPELLS
  • July is here which means we'll be ramping things up once again. We'll be hitting the front range with our pals in Cheap Perfume from July 12 - 14 ending at the Hi Dive for our record release show. We can't tell you how stoked we are to be putting this one (and hopefully others) on Anxious & Angry. They are rad people to work with despite Ryan's grumpy facade:) The end of July has us Jet Setting out to the east coast for a few dates with Off With Their Heads! The Brooklyn and Philly dates will feature Griswold Downer and Robbie Boneroids on bass and drums. Make sure you don't miss it;) You can see all those details up on our SHOWS page. In the mean time, Charlie and P. Bohner have been in the basement writing NEW TUNES!!!! We are super stoked for this new batch or rippers. Right now we are at about 9 new songs. Another 12"? A bunch of 7"'s? Maybe a split or two? Who knows!!! That's all for now. XO, SPELLS