BUSTIN' OUT Charity Download

This track supports Judi’s House (www.judishouse.org)…

Without going into oversharing, I have health issues. Bustin’ Out is a simple song about a simple feeling: frustration. But despite my frustrations and struggles I have a very fortunate life. Others are not so fortunate and their frustrations and struggles are much greater. We here at SPELLS, Inc. wanted to help out some folks with this tune and we’ve decided to steer our efforts to Judi’s House. Judi’s House is a place where children, teens and young adults that have lost loved ones can go during their time of bereavement. It offers wonderful support for those that need it during trying times. You have the option to donate for this track and if you do, all monies received will go directly to Judi’s House. If you’re lucky enough to have loved ones in your life, be thankful and enjoy them immensely. Take some of ‘em to the beach already!

Chuck Coffey Ben Roy Don Bersell Rob Burleson Lauren Shugrue



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