Razorcake Review

January 27, 2017

Photo by: Aimee Giese


The folks over at Razorcake had some rad things to say about the record. 

Everything that made me dig Spells on their split with Hooper is here. It’s a witch’s brew of catchy hooks, great vocal harmonies, and equal mixes of grit and pop. The ripping opener, “Freak Out,” kicks things off and captures the magic of what makes the band great right from the first track. More mellow tracks like “Better Days,” take things down a notch at times, turning up the melodic end of the band’s sound without losing any of the other elements that make me dig them. Lyrically, Staying In > Going Out is jammed so full of singalong parts, that regardless of whether you stay in or go out you’re sure to be singing along with Spells the whole time you’re listening to this record. –Paul J. Comeau (Snappy Little Numbers, snappylittlenumbers.blogspot.com)

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