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We are more than pleased to announce that Snappy Little Numbers is now exclusively distributed by Recess Ops! We'd like to thank Todd and Isaac at Recess Records for this great opportunity. It's a really great little family of labels and we're happy to be a part of it. What does this mean? Well, we assume world domination. But really we're going to run things how we always have and now you'll see our records in more places. You can always order direct from us but if you want to get the new Toys That Kill LP (Recess) or Piss Test 7" (Jonny Cat) at the same time you pick up the new SPELLS LP, now you can! Recess Ops can be found HERE and our label page through them can be found HERE. Thanks so much for all the support friends and fans!

#RecessOps #RecessRecords #ToysThatKill #FYP #PissTest

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